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What Can Home Security Services Do for You?

Wireless Home Security Alarms

Protect you from a variety of threats

As awful as it can be to have your home broken into, that's not the only danger your home faces.  That's why good home security services will be on the lookout for things like fires and excess carbon monoxide, in addition to intruders.

Give you round-the-clock protection

Since your home is at just as much risk when you're home as when you're not, the best home security services will be up and running 24/7.  Unlike traditional burglar alarms that you have to set, these services are monitored by real people.  You won't have to set anything, because they'll always be looking out for you.

Give you access to true security experts

The companies that offer the very best home security services have been in business for decades.  In some cases, they've been around for more than a century!  As a result, you can rest easy knowing that you're dealing with people who are truly experts in their field.

Connect to your cell phone

When you sign up for top-notch home security services, you'll get a phone call when your company thinks things look a little "off".  Luckily, though, that doesn't mean you have to go to the trouble (and the expense!) of installing a landline.  These companies are fully-capable of connecting everything to your cell phone.

Give you one-touch service

If you ever need to get ahold of your home security company in a hurry, you won't have to worry about looking around for a phone number.  That's because the best home security services come with a two-way voice system.  All you have to do is push a button on your system, and you'll be instantly connected to someone at your security company.

Offer free advice

The best home security services value your money as much as you do.  As a result, they'll be happy to answer your questions and even come to your house and take a look around -- for free! 

If you see a security company that charges a "consultation fee", you're dealing with the wrong one!

Provide discounted maintenance

Whether your 3 year-old throws a toy at your control panel or your security equipment ever breaks on its own, you won't have to spend a ton of money to fix it.  That's because the best home security services come with discounted maintenance.  Whether it's in the form of an extended warranty or extra protection for your equipment, you'll be covered.